folklore Taylor Swift album ranking first impressions

folklore – Taylor Swift | First Impressions

It’s Monday again and today we’re talking about music, which isn’t something I often do on this blog, but it fits into the media/culture theme my Monday posts have going on and… well… Taylor Swift just released a new album! folklore was a surprise release on July 24th, announced just hours before its arrival. I always love Taylor, so I was obviously super excited to see her coming out with a softer, more muted album.

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How I Rate Books

How I Rate Books | My Star Rating System

Everyone rates books differently. That’s partly why I stick to putting my star rating in right at the bottom of a review when I can (GoodReads isn’t helpful for this!). I feel like a star rating isn’t always very useful because especially for me, the star rating might not seem to accurately reflect my enjoyment of a book. My thoughts are basically this: if I put my star rating at the bottom of the review, people won’t go into my review with a misconception of what I thought of the book. I tend to rate most things 3 stars or higher, but I’m pretty picky with what I give 5 stars to. For some people, 3 stars is a bad rating, but I don’t feel that way. So, today we’re discussing how I rate books, and how I define the star rating system.

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My Uni Experience

My Time at Exeter | I’m Graduating!!

I decided today I’d go down a bit of a different route with my lifestyle posts and talk a little bit about my time at University! I did BA English at the University of Exeter, and I am graduating this summer with a 2:1. Of course, there’s way more to life at uni than can ever fit into one blog post, so I’ll probably do a mini-series of these, posting them over the next few weeks to hopefully help out anyone who might be about to start University! Of course, anyone looking to start University in September will likely notice some big differences as a result of COVID, but hopefully there are still many things I can offer advice on that might be useful for new students! This is definitely going be quite a general post, a bit of an overview and some highlights, and then I’ll talk more about specific things like study advice, adjusting to living away from home and making new friends in future posts. If there are any topics you’d be interested in me covering, let me know in the comments and if I can, I’ll make a post on it!

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