Girl Edna O'Brien review

Girl – Edna O’Brien: Review & Recommend | LATEST RELEASES

TW: abduction, rape, extremism, death, violence. This review does not contain extensive discussion of these triggers, only mentions of them.

Girl by Edna O’Brien is an incredibly heavy book. I imagine that is made fairly clear by the above trigger warnings, but just to reiterate: this book is not for people who are triggered by anything surrounding abduction, rape, and extremism. Girl tells the story of a young woman named Maryam, who is one of the schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram. While Maryam is fictional, the story told here is rooted in true experiences — though how accurate her exact experiences are I do not know. However, it is still based in fact, and I think it’s important the reader be aware of and prepared for that before going into this book.

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Glossier skin care review

Glossier Skin Care: Review & Recommend

This is very much a first impressions post, I want to lead with that! I’ve not been using these products for long, so I’m not sure yet if they will become staples, but I think that’s such an individual thing that it’s probably not actually that useful. Instead, I wanted to talk about what I was looking for when I bought these products, whether they seem to fit that from my first impressions, and what I think about the general presentation and service. The three products I’ve bought are bubblewrap eye + lip plumping cream, priming moisturizer balance, and the super bounce hyaluronic acid + vitamin b5 serum.

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The Dutch House Ann Patchett review

The Dutch House – Ann Patchett: Review & Recommend | LATEST RELEASES

The Dutch House was nominated for the Women’s Prize for Fiction 2020, which is how I became aware of it, but it was the title that really drew me to it. Initially, the title reminded me of one of my favourite books, The Miniaturist, because it’s set in Amsterdam, but sadly, The Dutch House is set in America, and has very little to do with the Netherlands. Still, I wanted to read it regardless because my interest was piqued.

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