The Liebster Award Part II

This is my second time being nominated for The Liebster Award, so I’m really excited! I’m really happy to be taking part today, so a big thank you to Danni, who tagged me, and an apology for having taken so long to post my responses to the questions. Hope you enjoy my answers!

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Sunshine Blogger Award Part V

Disclaimer: I have previously received PR products (free review copies) from Penguin. Girl, Woman, Other (pictured in header) is a Penguin book.

Welcome to yet another Sunshine Blogger Award! This is my 5th time being nominated for this award, so I’m super excited! I was nominated by the lovely Mònica @ NightingFae. You can find her post here, please go and check out her blog!

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Blog Goals, Blog Schedule

Disclaimer: I have previously received PR products from Penguin and 4th Estate. The images in this post are of books published by Penguin or 4th Estate.

Happy New Year! Who else is glad to be leaving 2020 behind? Me for sure! You might notice there’s quite a few differences around here if you take a poke around the blog, I hope you like them! I’m planning to make a post soon outlining the changes and the process I went through to organise it all. Today I wanted to talk about my blog as a creative outlet, rather than the actual appearance of it. This is like a New Year’s Blogolutions I guess, as my New Year’s Resolutions for my personal life is scheduled to hit you all on Wednesday!

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Good Omens – Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett: Review & Recommend | ELLIE LOVES

I have previously received PR products (free review copies) from Penguin, who own Transworld.

Another Saturday, another review. And this one is the last of the year! There won’t be a review next week, as it’ll be Boxing Day, but they will resume again in the new year. Until then, I hope you’ll be able to make do with the last of my 2020 Book Countdown posts, and I also have a Winter Favourites post coming up before the New Year! Today I’m reviewing a different book to the kinds of things I usually review. This one had been sat on my shelf for quite a while (like most of my books to be fair), and I thought I should finally get around to it. So today, I’m reviewing Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.

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