New Blog Categories

Categorisation Shake Up!

You might’ve noticed that my most recent review had a different title to usual, and I did make a brief mention of this in one of my other recent posts. Nothing too scary is happening, but I thought to make it a little easier to navigate my blog, I’d split my reviews down into different categories. This is primarily helpful for me, to be honest, to have a bit of a visual of what type of books I’m reviewing most often to make sure I have a balance. The categories are as follows:Read More »

2019 Blog Plans: A Reintroduction

2019 Blog Goals: A Re-Introduction

As 2019 is fast approaching, I decided now would be a good time to reboot this blog and make it a lot more active in the new year. To restart the blog, I thought I’d write a post introducing both myself and the posts I plan to be making on the blog as up until now it’s been an amalgam of whatever I feel like writing and I think it’d be nice to have a better plan of what I want the blog to be, and to give a bit of an idea of who is sat behind the computer screen.

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