Notion Layout Tour

Notion Layout Tour

So, as you may have noticed, book twitter has suddenly been talking about a site/app called Notion! As I LOVE organisation, I had to jump on the bandwagon and give it a go. I’m still working on making my pages as cute as some people on twitters’, but I wanted to talk a little bit about how the basics work and how I’ve set up some of the pages I use.

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How to Balance your Life with Running a Blog and Social Media 6 tips organisation

How to Balance Your Life with Running a Blog and Social Media | Organisation Techniques

Recently, I’ve noticed my blog taking over my life a little bit. Right now, having finished my degree and having any work to do, it’s not a problem. However, I’m very aware that this will not last forever! I also need to start thinking about preparing for my MA as I have to work on the assumption I will be able to start in September. With all that in mind, I decided I needed to spend less time working on my blog without compromising what I’m posting!Read More »

New Blog Categories

Categorisation Shake Up!

You might’ve noticed that my most recent review had a different title to usual, and I did make a brief mention of this in one of my other recent posts. Nothing too scary is happening, but I thought to make it a little easier to navigate my blog, I’d split my reviews down into different categories. This is primarily helpful for me, to be honest, to have a bit of a visual of what type of books I’m reviewing most often to make sure I have a balance. The categories are as follows:Read More »

GoodReads Spring Cleaning | BOOKENDING SPRING

Bookending SpringIt’s the final post of Bookending Spring from me! Boo 😦 For this one, I’d like to give a quick shout out to Lia @ LiaIsLostInAStory, creator of the Down the TBR tag, which I used for inspiration today.

I’ve seen a lot of people doing ‘Down the TBR’ clearing out books from their GoodReads TBR, and I thought this would be a good topic for Bookending Spring. I’m going to do it a little differently to the Down the TBR posts though, and go through my entire list in one go. Don’t worry, I’m not going to be talking specific books. Instead, I’m going to draw up a list of criteria, and then go through the list. On GoodReads, I have two separate TBR type shelves: one for books I own but haven’t read yet, and another for books to buy. Today, we’re going to just go through my list of books to buy.Read More »

Bookending Spring Bookshelf Organisation

Bookshelf Organisation | BOOKENDING SPRING 2020

Bookending SpringWelcome to my third Bookending Spring 2020 post! I’m not following any of the given prompts today because I thought I’d share with you how I organise my bookshelves! I thought this was a really interesting conversation to start, because people have so many different methods of organising, and I’m a sucker for organisation. I’m going to talk about two different bookshelves here, my physical bookshelf, and my virtual bookshelf (my kindle!).Read More »